The children's itinerary - Kosmos Unipv


At Kosmos we have our younger visitors particularly at heart, because we feel it is fundamental to cultivate their awareness of the environment and of nature conservation. We do this through discovery and interactive activities, and games.

The elephant Shanti marks the children’s itinerary through the museum and leads them to the special drawers with contents about nocturnal animals, the alien species that have invaded our habitats, the shells of different tortoises and turtles, the anatomical differences between Homo sapiens and Australopithecus afarensis and plenty of pictorial and tactile materials so they can explore the world of the past and understand the present day one.

The multimedia exhibits allow children to explore the invisible life/universe of microorganisms, rebuild animal skeletons, recognize birds of prey, figure out the difference between the molars of an extinct mammoth and a modern elephant, and much more.

For small children, we provide simple tactile experiences that will help them learn about things like the difference between the patterns of markings on different species of giraffe, and the difference between African and Indian elephants.

The children’s museum itinerary is available in Italian and English.

Kosmos Unipv