Past exhibitions

get to know the ocean predator in real life: 30 models.

Dates: 15/2/2020 to 17/1/2021

The exhibition “Sharks. Perfect predators” was created in collaboration with Naturaliter. Visitors get to know the most fearsome denizens of the seas through 30 true-to-life models.

The sharks introduce scientific information and numbers about species, habitats, anatomy, and other interesting aspects of these marine predators.


Dates: 21/9/2019 to 6/1/2020

This exhibition shows the effects of plastic waste in the seas. It was organized in collaboration with the National Geographic Society and sponsored by the local waste management authority (ASM Pavia) and by the promotion and communication company IGPDecaux.

An immersive visual exhibition where the sight of uncontaminated seabeds clashes with that of marine animals trapped in plastic materials; heavenly beaches with beached cetaceans; and pristine atolls with macro-pieces of plastic waste. These contrasts catalyze attention to the tragic future that could await Earth’s inhabitants.

Visitors are invited by the blue whale skeleton dominating the museum exhibition room to measure their own ecological footprint by doing an interactive activity, and see for themselves what the pro capita impact of an Italian consumer can be.

Access is included in the Kosmos entrance ticket because the exhibition provides a fitting open-ended conclusion to the issues posed in the last part of the museum itinerary: we humans are generally aware of the extinctions and species invasions, pollution and exploitation that we have caused, but specific knowledge may be what encourages us to adopt the more virtuous behaviors that will protect future generations.

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